Nov 04

73. The End…


… But for now, these three remain: Faith. Hope. & Love. - 1 Corinthians 13:13

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Aug 19

#thewordsproject | Words Never Said | ONE

Dear You,

- You who leave people behind because you think you’ve found something better.

You may be right, maybe it is better. Heck, we all know it is. But you’re happy now, so you can afford to not care anymore. Right?

I’m bitter because I knew it would happen. I told you, as if I lived in the wizarding world and could foretell the future. And you tried to tell me otherwise… Muggles.

Please, I’m worth more than your pity text messages.

Aug 19

#thewordsproject | Words Never Said | INTRO

We all have things, words in particular, that we keep in our minds… Things we wish or want to say but aren’t ever said… And maybe won’t ever be.

So here is #thewordsproject, an attempt to spit out thoughts that I’d rather not keep anymore. Words that I may never want to say… Ever. But I mean, that’s what tumblr is for anyways, right?

May 29

Dear Past Love,

I think the worst thing that one person could think or feel is the result of a temporary love. That something/someone you loved so dearly (& still love so dearly) no longer reciprocates that love; it/they only loved you for the moment.

Now, I’m not sure what you expect me to feel, my love; I’m only a small person against a great army. I can’t expect you to understand, but although we are on different trains, our destination is still the same & that’s enough for me to love you anyways.

So know that I do, I still love you. Know that I miss you. Know that you are always in my prayers.

Bless your heart always & may Christ always be praised.

Apr 05

An unconditional, selfless, hang-on-a-cross type of love.

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